Friday, May 8, 2009

151 Guerrilla Marketing Ideas You Can Use

This should be called "151 Low-cost, High-impact Guerrilla Marketing Ideas Collected Over The Last Year From Etsy Forum Posts."

When I see a great idea, I save it to a word document. The other day I organized my collection of ideas and decided not to keep them to myself any longer. Since I just clipped each idea, the original posters of these ideas are unknown. (If you provided an idea listed here, please comment and I'll credit the idea to you with a link to your shop, ok?)

The complete list is obnoxiously long, so I'll list one category of ideas per post, two posts per week, starting this Monday, 5/11/09.

As I post them, I'll add links below so you can bookmark this post for future reference.

Business Card Advertising
Community Involvement
Conversation Starters
Craft Shows & Home Parties
Cross Promotion

Ideas from the Etsy Forums
Magazine Submissions & Articles
Memorable Business Cards
URL Tagging
Your Identity

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