About Pam Hawk Marketing

Pam Hawk Marketing is a creative marketing service for small business owners.

Do you need inexpensive and easy ways to promote your business?
Would you like to bring in more customers and enjoy repeat sales from existing ones?
Is your business stuck in a rut?

I can help you stand out among your competitors, help you fine-tune your image, and make you money.
All on a tight budget.

Projects include creative and cost-effective marketing services, support, and training for independent businesses such as:
+ online shops
+ brick-and-mortar shops
+ handcrafters and artisans
+ owner-operated food service and entertainment venues
+ public events
+ non-profits and fund raisers

Services I offer include:
General and Niche Marketing Services
Website design    
Online social network training and mentoring     see an example here
Public Relations
Image/Brand Fine-Tuning or Makeover
Customer Service Training
Event Planning
Unique Fundraising Ideas
Brochure Design
Consultation for marketing & promotion

Contact me today at phawkmarketing@gmail.com to get started marketing your independent business!