Monday, June 22, 2009

151 Guerrilla Marketing Ideas :: Memorable Business Cards

Today's Low-cost, High-impact Marketing Ideas focus on making and using Memorable Business Cards.

For the full list of ideas, organized by category, check out this post.

  1. I always make and send out bookmarks with my orders. That way, you never know where they'll end up, not just in my city, but all over the world to people I sell to. Mainly I just do it because it's a nice 'extra' for my customers.
  2. I once found an old theater ticket from England from 1943 in a book I got from a used book store and it was like a treasure. If I were to advertise in library books I think I would make special advertising bookmarks with a nice ribbon and such so that the person feels more like it's a treasure than an invasion.
  3. When I was 12 I found a very unique and mysterious business card taped to a bus stop window and I still have it because it was so interesting to me.
  4. i make matchbook style Post It holders with my shop info printed all over the outside cover.
  5. bookmarks are cool too. i just bought a bunch recently when had a special where you get 100 booksmarks free with the payment of shipping.
  6. I like the idea of making Etsy bookmarks and leaving them in books. I am always looking for a bookmark and usually resort to old bill envelopes or scraps of paper when I'm desperate. Finding a nicely done bookmark in a library book would be like finding buried treasure. (I am a school librarian, by the way.)
  7. my business cards are actually bookmarks. figure when i send it out with my items it kills 2 birds with 1 stone
  8. We have MixedSpecies temporary tattoos that we give and apply for free! You'd be amazed at the fun those things create. We also are working on sets of "leave behind" coasters to drop off at bars with a drunken dot to dot game! Just a couple ideas!
    made my banner and my business card into key chains and make sure and show them off every chance I get...I love people at the grocery store asking me about them.
  9. I make coupons using etsy mini and send then out as postcards and hand them out at craft shows.
  10. I got pens with my Etsy url and tag line on them. Every time I have to sign something - at the bank, the pharmacy, the doctor's office, etc., I "accidentally" leave the pen behind. I've also left them in public restrooms, at restaurants, pretty much everywhere I go. also, at places that have cups of pens, like my chiropractor or the vet, I put a couple of my pens in there for their clients to use. Sneak marketing.
  11. I make postcards out of etsy mini with my website on them and send them out and hand them out (with little coupons or discounts on them).
  12. I got talking with the librarian and told her what I do. I asked her if I was to make up some book marks would she put some up at the front desk.
  13. Perhaps if you know the item is going to be a gift, offer free gift wrapping and use Kraft brown paper, and then stamp your logo on it nicely?
  14. Refrigerator and bumper magnets are fairly inexpensive to make yourself now, especially if you are using custom wooden stamps.
  15. Temporary tattoos of our logo.
  16. I bought these teeny tiny hardcover composition books (4 in a pack for a dollar) and glued my business card to the front. Once I found a ton of boxes of purple ink Bic pens at the dollar store. Since purple is my colour, I scooped them up! People can always use a little pen & notebook for their purse/backpack.
  17. gave these out for halloween, along with candy of course! my son takes them to school, too.

As mentioned in this post, the ideas in this post came from my snippets of ideas saved from Etsy forum posts over the last year. If you provided an idea listed here, please comment and I'll credit the idea to you with a link to your shop, ok?

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