Who is Pam Hawk?

Pam is an innovative marketing specialist who gets an adrenaline rush whenever she finds ways to help local businesses

Over the past 25+ years, her favorite jobs and activities always focused on some form of marketing, from selling frozen pizzas over the phone for a fundraiser, to being the Head Concierge at a large conference hotel in Minneapolis, to coaching a client through a business launch.

Pam's husband is a Chef, and through his career, Pam saw firsthand the marketing struggles of many small businesses, especially in the restaurant and tourism industry. Analyzing their marketing challenges in today's economy, she developed a special affinity for the marketing needs of small, locally owned businesses, regardless of industry.

Her marketing style takes the David vs. Goliath approach, helping small businesses be nimble and cost-conscious in their approach to competing with corporate giants and big box outlets. She can find unique ways to help businesses nurture their existing customer relationships as well as bring in new customers.

She has taught customer service classes, written training manuals, developed successful joint ventures between businesses, created branding and identity for small businesses, and found ways to double the impact of advertising dollars through community involvement. Her heart goes pitty-pat whenever she discovers a new opportunity to help non-profit organizations meet or exceed their financial goals. Extremely creative, she can take info about a small business and produce an ample list of innovative marketing ideas in minutes.

Her education includes Retail Marketing at the Wisconsin Indianhead Technical Institute, Graphic Design (advertising) at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, and Guerilla Marketing school with T. Harv Eker.