Monday, March 28, 2011

Reverse Engineering

Since I was a kid, I'd stop whatever I was doing and pay attention to whatever ad happened to be running on tv or radio. I even paid attention to in-store ads and other marketing campaigns. The mechanism and psychology behind the ads fascinated me.

Today, some ad and marketing campaigns stand out brilliantly and others are easy to ignore.

I'll be starting a new type of blog post here, which reverse engineers advertising and marketing that I observe. These could be tv or radio ads, things noticed while driving past, in-store promotions, things that show up in the newspaper, etc. I'll share the brilliant ideas and explain why they work and I'll dissect the ones that flop.

Each reverse engineered concept will include some ideas you might be able to use for your own business.

If you see or hear any ad/marketing campaigns that get your attention and want to know how to use it for your business, please let me know and I'll try to reverse engineer that as well.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011 is now on Facebook

At long last, I have set up a Facebook page for!

Please click the link above and Like the page. Thanks!

I have been using Facebook for a while, with just a personal profile, but now that I'm seeing more friends and associates on Facebook, it became apparent that my marketing tips and suggestions would be more accessible if they were published via Facebook. Like the old adage suggests,

"Don't try to redirect traffic to you;
find where the traffic is and get in front of it."

This blog will still be here - I'm just importing all of these posts to Facebook and using Facebook applications to interact more with my fans.

To all my friends and associates who have small businesses: This venture is dedicated to your success. 


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