Friday, November 20, 2009

Here's an easy way to get more traffic to your blog

No matter what you blog about, this easy trick will boost your traffic each time you do it. Make this a consistent habit and you could see a steady and regular increase in your blog's traffic. This tip makes use of basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization.)
1. Go to a popular homepage type of website like Yahoo and look up that day's popular searches. You can see this day's popular searches in the box on the upper right (shown in the picture above.) Today's top 5 popular searches are: Sandra Bullock, Amanda Knox, Jayson Williams, the Health Care Bill, and New Moon Reviews.

2. Incorporate one of these top search subjects into your blog post. Each of these subjects is a keyword, so for today's example, using the name Sandra Bullock is a keyword.

3. Make the post relevant and interesting to read, and repeat your keyword a few times. (Three times is good, five times is better.)

This may take a little creative thinking, but works like a charm if you do it right. 

When people surfing the internet type in your keyword, your blog post will come up in the listings. Actual mileage may vary depending on the keyword you chose, where in the listings it landed, and how interesting your text is, but you should see a bump in traffic.

Try it out and comment here with your results!

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I'm back - and have all kinds of stuff to share

Hello - I've missed you! The past few months have been filled with all kinds of interesting things and I'm learning some amazing things that I can't wait to share with you.

While my posting here won't be as regular as it had been, I do hope to be able to share neat stuff with you a couple times a month. That might be just right, anyway... it'll give you time to tweak my marketing tips to meet your specific needs and see how they work.

I'm still crazy for your comments, so please let me know how you used these tips and/or what kinds of results you got from them.

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