Thursday, February 12, 2009

Giveaway. Here. Now.

As of this writing, there are 50 followers to this blog.

I'm deeply honored that so many people have chosen to follow this blog and am thrilled to see my traffic increase daily.

To commemorate the 50th person to follow this blog, let's have a giveaway. Why not? I've blogged about them enough.

How does this sound?

+ Free email marketing consultation to help get you on the right track with marketing your product or service. You choose whatever area you want to work on. (Up to 5 emails sent from me to you; equivalent to 1 hr face to face consultation.) $75 value

+ Free badge and matching Etsy shop heade
r created from your photo - this could be used for a special promotion or as your every day image - you choose. $25 value

+ Free badge (same as above) with text box for you to place on your blog. $10 value

+ Free advertising spot
for a month here, at the top of the right sidebar. $1.50 value (this could change*)

*At this moment, the Project Wonderful ad box is bidding at $.05/day, so to be fair I'll put this at a $1.50 value. With my constant increase in traffic, this would likely go up.

The total package is valued at $111.50 and will help you to "boost your biz," as my PW ads say.

To enter, leave a comment here telling me about the one marketing or promoting thing you're struggling with.

I'll keep the comments open until 11:50pm Saturday February 28 and will have help pick a winner on March 1st. Winner will be announced on March 2. Giveaway open worldwide; be sure to leave me an email address or a link to your blog/website/online store.


  1. Time. That's it. Just time to spend on promotion. My Etsy shop is a sideline to my (more than) full time day job, so many days it's promotion or make new products, so promotion can end up being a bit spotty or I won't have anything in my shop to sell!

  2.'s not all about me.

    Congratulations to you, Pam!
    Happy to help you get to 50! :)

  3. For me it's just knowing where to start. I love to blog but hate all those social networking sites. I'd love to hear some creative alternatives.

  4. I am having problems building readership. I know I just started, but how long is it suppose to take to get more than one person reading your blog?

  5. Well done

    You have a great blog
    I struggle with my concentration, I get easily distracted online when I should be focusing on promotion for my blog

  6. Since I new to blogging I'm struggling with everything. I am not patient and want more follower, more page hits, more companies to request reviews...hrmm, what else?
    Mom of 2 Boys, Wife of 1

  7. Congratulations..... Still trying to get a blog going myself


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