Monday, June 8, 2009

151 Guerrilla Marketing Ideas :: Craft Shows & Home Parties

Today's Low-cost, High-impact Marketing Ideas focus on Craft Shows & Home Parties.

For the full list of ideas, organized by category, check out this post.

  1. Whenever we go to craft shows, farmer's markets, or festivals, we have handouts, flyers, business cards, and postcards to give to interested people. We also walk around the markets and offer them to other sellers at the various other booths and tell them that we will give them a fellow seller's discount at our booth and online. We usually get one in return, so it works out!
  2. I make coupons using etsy mini and send then out as postcards and hand them out at craft shows.
  3. Having a home show has been the best thing for me so far. Invite all your friends. Plan WELL in advance and talk it up for a while! Send email invite, mail some and make a facebook event. Perhaps you'll have to draw crowds by inviting a friend or two to take part with you (I recommend about two other people...don't let it get too big). This way their friends will see/buy your stuff and the other way around! It's great fun. I've had wonderful turn-outs! :)
  4. Since I do jewelry Parties, and they Are probably the Fastest way to earn the Most Money in the Shortest Time That I have Ever Found. I also pay the host a percentage of whatever I sell in order to entice them. Usually between 5% - 15%. It depends on the situation. If you make $2,000. they get $200.00 and are happy with that.
  5. So my best promotions still remain craft fairs and classes taught offline. If you can make those regular, your name, cards and face are out there all the time and you make contacts that come back.
  6. Have an Etsy Boutique Sale in your home - if you have the space. It's what I'm doing the end of this month.
  7. I've invited 10 other Etsy Sellers to bring their goods to my home to setup shop. Each seller had to pay in a very small amount of money to cover the cost of postcards that I had another Etsian design. Each seller has to invite 30-50 people to the sale and hopefully we'll get 200-500 customers coming through.
  8. I'm clearing out all my large furniture, knick-knacks, etc to make our Etsy shop. I'm offering treats and beverages and hopefully we'll be able to build a local customer base.
  9. I'm also going to offer free shipping coupons good through the end of the year to all the customers as they leave.
  10. my local art business that supports me, not my online business! i sell more cards in a week locally than i have sold in two years on etsy....

As mentioned in this post, the ideas in this post came from my snippets of ideas saved from Etsy forum posts over the last year. If you provided an idea listed here, please comment and I'll credit the idea to you with a link to your shop, ok?

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