Wednesday, June 10, 2009

151 Guerrilla Marketing Ideas :: Your Identity

Today's Low-cost, High-impact Marketing Ideas focus on Your Identity.

For the full list of ideas, organized by category, check out this post.

  1. I recently ordered personal checks with four of my paintings as the designs for them.
  2. You can also design your credit card with your own picture on it. If you choose an interesting picture of one of your items, every time you hand it to a clerk it's an opportunity to talk about what you do.
  3. I play regularly on a game site and changed my player name to my
  4. I put Etsy on my resume as my current job!
  5. if you wear hats a lot, wear an an "etsy" hat

As mentioned in this post, the ideas in this post came from my snippets of ideas saved from Etsy forum posts over the last year. If you provided an idea listed here, please comment and I'll credit the idea to you with a link to your shop, ok?

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  1. Interesting!

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  2. While I agree with the above post that online visibility helps with a national to global audience, we can't ever ignore the local. They may well be our bread and butter!

    So I purchased a vinyl car sticker from another Etsy seller some months ago. It simply has my shop name and a short tag line on it, but my car becomes a roving billboard for my shop. It paid for itself in a sale or two and is removable (since I know I won't have this car forever).

  3. Yes Edward, SEO is useful when engaging in online marketing, but ArchDiva is right that we can't forget our local offline people, who will often inadvertently do more marketing for us than we expected.

    While online marketing techniques are important, we need to continue marketing to our local audience. The secret is to find balance between marketing to the online customer and IRL (in-real-life) customers.


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