Monday, May 25, 2009

151 Guerrilla Marketing Ideas :: Cross Promotion

Today's Low-cost, High-impact Marketing Ideas focus on Cross Promotion (aka Joint Ventures).

For the full list of ideas, organized by category, check out this post.

  1. After getting the OK from the other seller to do some cross-promotional listings, you could look at some of her items and find the ones you think would "match up" most successfully with yours. Then at the bottom of your description, write a gift hint along the lines of, "If you like this item, be sure to take a look at *seller name*'s *item name* as well." Then post the URL of the item. Etsy will automatically convert the URL to a link if it's placed on a line by itself.
  2. I carry cards with me Everywhere, and put some at each business i stop at that will let me. if it's a local shop i love, i take some of theirs to pass along, they scratch my back, i scratch theirs
  3. If I use something of theirs in my pictures to display my items, I put a link to their shop right in the listing.
  4. One of the things I like to do with my customers is include a little packet of samples from other Etsy shops. By samples, I mean SMALL samples of things that are sold: little slices of soap, tea candles, etc
  5. I also like to make a note about how many other sellers items were used to make that item. Most of my products use at least one seller item, sometimes 2 or 3. people keep buying that piece, I keep getting that supply :)
  6. I mention other sellers if they choose colors or inspire an item.
  7. trade business cards and promo items with other etsyians
  8. some people put Etsy mini of their favorites on their blog
  9. When I find something I love I email it to all my friends. And of course all of my friends love to fw fw fw fw ....

As mentioned in this post, the ideas in this post came from my snippets of ideas saved from Etsy forum posts over the last year. If you provided an idea listed here, please comment and I'll credit the idea to you with a link to your shop, ok?

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  1. Great advice. Will work on new business cards tomorrow. Good ideas. Thanks.

  2. great ideas. I like the one about taking business cards at places of business and leaving mine, and giving theirs out.......GREAT IDEA. I never heard that one!


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