Friday, January 9, 2009

160 bowls of food

I have to toot my own horn for a minute...
My other business, Pass It On Plates started a new program called Plate Diary Dollars in December. This goes hand in hand with our other program, Plate It Forward. Both programs are designed to help non profit organizations with their fundraising efforts. (For more info on the programs, click the links.)

At this time, Plate Diary Dollars is helping to feed hungry people across the US, and today I calculated our donation based on December's Plate Diary activity. Here's the announcement made in both our Plate Diaries and Pass It On Plates blog:

Our Plate Diary Dollars have been calculated for December 2008. In our first month, there were 5 Plate Diary comments, and Pass It On Plates donated $1 per comment to

This $5 donation, while small, was matched by Kraft Foods and provided
160 bowls of food to hungry people in the US. That's amazing!

Let's keep those plates moving and see how much more we can donate for January.

Remember, there's no charge for you give a Pass It On Plate to anyone, and you will not be asked to pay anything or donate any money.

(And remember, all comments are do-follow, so your comment left here supports YOU.)

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  1. Wow Pam that is wonderful! Congratulations for all of your great work! I just love your Pass It on Plates and have been lucky enough to be a part of one! :)


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