Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Another important tool for your Giveaway

Several weeks ago I posted about how to host a giveaway on your blog. If you're using this info, you must add this brilliant blogger to your arsenal of giveaway tools: Handmade Showcase. The link has been added to the sidebar under Giveaways Toolbox.
See it there?

What makes her site so special?
She conducts an interview with you, posts several pictures of your products, and conducts a giveaway of your item(s) for you.

According to her Project Wonderful stats, she has a lot of steady traffic, which means a LOT of people will see her feature of you and your shop. (Yes, I looked at her PW stats. I always look. More on that subject later...)

I browsed through the items and Etsy shops featured... she features some beautiful, high quality items ranging from baby goods, jewelry, other sewn items, paintings, paper goods, bath and body products, scarves...

Please go check her out and consider contacting her to sponsor a giveaway for you.

I'm heading over there myself, to see about sponsoring a giveaway with my plates.

(And remember, all comments are do-follow, so your comment left here supports YOU.)

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  1. What a fabulous find Pam! Thanks so much for sharing!!


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