Monday, March 16, 2009

Building my resume

As a marketing coach starting out on her "solo career," I'm always looking for projects that I can work on to build my resume. One kind of fell in my lap and I'm both excited like crazy and nervous... I've got to share.

A little background: I was one of 45 students in my high school graduating class. Yes, 45. And that included the exchange student. My school was K-12 and the entire student body was like one giant family.

In 1990 the entire school district closed and the building was sold to a private party. (Can you imagine buying a 80 year old high school with a K-8 addition on it? And a gymnasium? Don't forget the playground and track and field areas.)

Fast forward almost 20 years and a long time and very dear friend joined a Facebook group for my old high school. I immediately joined and found a bunch of people I either knew or who had familiar names. The big news on that group is that an all school reunion is planned for about 18 months from now.

Of course, I have all kinds of ideas about what we could do in terms of online social networking and in terms of marketing. I mentioned to the website guru that I had and idea and bing! I'm on the IT team. Then I asked the head honcho of the entire project about some online stuff and bing! I'm the go-to person for the online stuff.

Am I overwhelmed? Ummmm, ask me in about 12 months...
Meanwhile, I just wanted to mention that I'm using some of this work (all volunteer) to build my resume. Maybe you can watch what I'm doing and use the same tools and techniques to promote your business and build a community around it. I call this Concierge Marketing, since I'm managing several different aspects of marketing like website, blog, social media, press releases, radio public service announcements, branding, media coverage, etc. All these and more, not just one single area of marketing.

Here's what we've got so far:
The main website (built my another alum) is
I'll add links to this site and work with the other IT guy to finish building it into an amazing site, hopefully with photos and a history of the school.

I've added a blog:
And a photo album:

Of course, it's all just starting, but I'll post an occasional update as stuff is added or more marketing tools and techniques are included in our prep for the big event.


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