Monday, March 23, 2009

Adding an Etsy Mini to your site

Many, if not most of you have put an Etsy mini on a blog, either your own blog or someone else's. Here's an Etsy mini idea for you to play around with...

One evening when I was fiddling with Etsy, I received a message from SweetSeaJewelry who asked,

"How how how did you do that with the etsy mini? it looks GREAT on your website, but when i tried to do it it didn't work on mine. i have the google apps site... "

She is talking about my use of a giant Etsy Mini on my main website,

Here's a screenshot:

My reply was:

Oh, no bother at all. I built my site with FrontPage, so I just popped in the code...
...I wanted my home page to look like a store and that was the fastest, easiest way I could think to do it. :o)

That was the key. I wanted my website to look like a store and I had been driven to tears trying to configure shopping cart software. Adding Etsy's mini to my site was the fastest, easiest way I could set it up without throwing my computer out the window in frustration.

While SweetSeaJewelry mentioned using Google sites, I tried adding an Etsy mini to a Google site I manage and while I think Google is wonderful, their sites just won't accept the code.

Had you thought of making a big Etsy Mini (should we call it an Etsy Maxi?) as the main crux of a website?

Where else could you put a maxi sized Etsy Mini?

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  1. I would really like to add the Etsy mini to my google site
    It wont allow me to add the javascript though. I am wondering if anyone has found a way to do this? The only way i know to display my items is one by one with a link,... and believe me this is making me crazy!! very time consuming. please help if you have any. I shouldn't have used googlesites, and now regret this.

  2. For some strange reason, I have never been able to get an Etsy mini into a Google site, either. I am a big fan of Google in general, but this bugaboo has frustrated me to no end. Like you, I started with Googlesites but discovered that it just wasn't the right site for what I wanted to do.

    Oddly enough, you can put an Etsy mini into a Blogger blog - Blogger is a Google thing.

    Sorry to confirm the bad news about Etsy minis on Google sites. Good luck with the direction you go from here!


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