Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Add a Recent Comments widget

Are you a comments junkie? While totally guilty of not leaving a trail of comments everywhere I go, I LOVE comments on my blog posts.

Here's a way to engage your readers in your blog content and possibly coax more comments from them: add a widget that shows off recent comments to your blog.

It looks like this.
These are the most recent comments from my family blog, The Adventures of Pam & Frank:

Want to add one?
Here's how you can do it in your Blogger Blog:

  1. Start a new HTML widget in your sidebar.
  2. Copy the code in this text box and paste it into your widget.

  3. Without adding any spaces, type in the number of comments to show. I have mine set to show the 5 most recent. Remember to type in the number - don't spell it out.
  4. Now copy the code in this text box and paste it into your widget.

  5. Now for the good part. Where are the comments you want to show off? Copy the URL of that blog and paste it here without adding any additional spaces. Don't forget to include the http:// part.
  6. Now copy this last section of code in this text box and paste it at the end of your widget.

  7. Save. Drag it to the location where you want this nifty widget, then save the layout.
  8. Look good? Yay! Not showing up? Let me know here and I'll see what kind of troubleshooting I can do for you.

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