Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Interactive share and subscribe buttons

As usual, my Saturday morning routine this past weekend included poking around interesting websites while I enjoyed my morning coffee. I click here and there, wherever something looks interesting.

More often than not I come across something I want to share here. This last week's discovery is an interactive button that invites readers to share a link with a multitude of social sites and another button that invites readers to subscribe via several different readers. This button is from

One option this free service features is a pop up when you slide your mouse over the button. While I think this is a great way to grab the reader's attention and probably increases clicks on the button, I can't decide if this is helpful of simply annoying. What do you think?

Here are both buttons. Slide your mouse over them and then comment with your thoughts.

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PS: No, I haven't added this to any of my sites yet. Just because something looks cool to a blog owner, doesn't necessarily mean their readers like it. And we all know that if the readers are unhappy, that's bad.

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  1. You can also choose Sociable if you want to add social media buttons into your blog posts. This widget is more organized because there is an option where you can add or remove certain social media sites.


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