Sunday, November 9, 2008

I've been tagged!

Wow, my first tag here at this blog. Cool.

My brand new friend Frieda, over at Deer Mountain Arts tagged me, so I hopped over to meet her and say hi.
...and I'm now following her blog, which is a mix of things she's doing in her wood working studio, she tells stories about relationships (the one about Jim and Mary will warm your heart - I got a little choked up when she asked him for 5 more minutes) and she's a real down to earth lady that I wish I lived next door to. Go check her out.

Anyhoo, the rules of the tag is that I share 7 things about myself that you don't already know. Then link back to the person who tagged me, and tag 7 other people.
Here goes. I hope you come back again after you read this. LOL

1. Since I don't have the links on the sidebar at this blog, I'll reveal that I have a very bloggy family. My blogs include, of course, the Pass It On Plates blog and the Plate Diaries. I also have a family blog about my Deaf hubby, rockstar-and-too-smart-for-her-boots daughter, and hyper pooch called The Adventures of Pam & Frank. My hubby's blogs are Deaf Chef at Large and Red Hawk's Deaf Musings. (The latter has been ignored lately, though.) Then of course, the kiddo had to jump on the blogging bandwagon and hers is When Confustion Strikes. She hasn't done much with it, but at one point we had talked about turning it into a Daily Photo blog with pictures of her each day. She spikes her hair and stands in front of the mirror for hours, taking picture after picture, so there is at least 365 pictures she could post. (...each month...) Ok. So we all blog. And we're all a little goofy.

2. Since moving from a single-level apartment to a two level condo a month ago, I have lost almost 5 lbs. The only thing that has changed is that I'm running up and down the stairs a couple dozen times each day. Huh. That was easy.

In a year or two I should have the perfect body. Yah. LOL.

3. I am afraid to be successful. Isn't that stupid? I think I'm afraid that I won't know what to do to stay successful once I get there. Or I'm afraid that if I get really busy with my businesses, I won't be able to keep up. That's dumb and defies logic, but that is probably my biggest hurdle right now.

Oh, and that there is not enough time to do everything I want to do. But that's another issue.

4. One time I conducted evil medical experiments on a slug. (Sorry PETA.) I know salt kills them, and our patio was overrun by slugs one winter here in Oregon. I decided I wanted to find out what else would irritate them, so I pulled out all kinds of condiments to see what would happen. The plan, really, was to use the most offending condiment as a barrier between the paatio and the surrounding bark dust (weed-resistant mulch made from tree bark.)

Things that had no effect: various hot sauces, cayenne pepper, red pepper flakes, pickle juice, ketchup, yellow mustard, soy sauce (that was a surprise), vinegar. Ol' Mr. Slimy didn't like Chinese Hot Mustard but he slimed up and twisted out from under it.

What really did the trick and made him light up like the night sky on the Fourth of July is Pickling Salt. There may have been some nitrates in it because Ol' Mr. Slimy foamed up in a puff of orange and pink foamy slime until he was about the size of a mango.

If you're feeling sorry for him at this point, I suggest you spend a little time in the Pacific NW and try stepping on one barefoot when you get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. I had to use nail polish remover and sandpaper to get the slime off the bottom of my foot and out of the carpet. And I was so grossed out and upset that I couldn't get back to sleep for the rest of the night. Well, I was up for three hours trying to remove the slime from the bottom of my foot, so I guess by the time I was done it didn't matter anyway.

I've had Slug Skittishness ever since.

(I had to bleach the patio to clean off the slimy mess. And yes, this changed my mind about nitrates in my own diet.)

Oh phooey. I just remembered. I have 3 uncarved pumpkins sitting on the front step. They're probably slug restaurants by now. I'd better haul them off before they're uncarryable slime pits.

5. 99% of the time I answer questions with long answers and detailed stories.

6. My favorite candy is Reese's Peanut Butter Cups but I do have a thing for Bridge Mix and Licorice Allsorts. I think I enjoy the unexpected. (See? I'm trying really hard to keep this short.)

7. I have the same preference when listening to music. I love certain songs and have a huge playlist of favorites, but given a choice, I prefer to hear new stuff that I've never heard before. BTW, my playlist is all indie, punk, and alternative stuff that's not on the radio (most stations anyway) and most people have never heard of some of my favorite bands. If you're interested, go to 94.7 KNRK and listen to their stream. That's the station set in my car and on my radios at home.

Yes, I said I listen to punk, among other things. But I look like your normal average suburban mom. You'd never know... Unless I drove up to where you are, with the subwoofers pumping out a bass line from British Sea Power, Modest Mouse, or The Beastie Boys. Or Beck and Moby. Oh, I'm on a roll. I'd better stop before I drive you nuts with all these links. I have noticed that my music (car windows up) does tend to turn heads when I'm driving around downtown. I think that surprises people to see me in the car with all the noise. (My little car came with some really powerful subwoofers; I didn't put them in. This was discovered after we bought it. Lucky me!!)

Now to tag 7 other people. How about my regular reads?
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Ok. If you didn't get named in the list above and you're still here after reading this, you get a prize: consider yourself tagged, too!

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  1. I had to laugh about the slug!ROFLMAO I know, it's not 'pc' but oh, do I remember the slugs - especially the Banana slugs!! YUK! I've gotta dig up this picture I have of Tyler when he was 2 years old and we were living in Brookings, Oregon(I wish I still did!!) - he used to get snails and slugs and smash them in his hands and put it all over his face! ackkk! It's not fun using scotch pads on your baby's pretty face!!LOL
    Anyway, good post Pam - we're like twins you and I!lol Right down to Reese's, being successful, and long answers and detailed stories!! =0) too funny!

  2. ROFLMAO! Oh gosh the slug!!! I am not offended in the least, hell I would have poured gasoline on them and lit a fire! LOL There is nothing on this planet more disgustingly gross than a slug, worms come in a close second, and those damn cave crickets in my bathroom at night jumping everywhere like the spiders on the old Legend of Zelda game, remember that game?? Thats what those cave crickets remind me of! Only I dont get rupees if I kill one, I get a mess, so I leave them be and dodge them. My husband captures them in a cup and puts them outside...I tell him they are just gonna go find a woman, multiply and bring the woman and all their kids back here to set up shop in our bathroom, thanks honey! LOL

    Ok since I been tagged I better do something about it. I got tagged once before, and I never can think of 7 people to tag! I can come up with 7 things about myself thats weird just fine, but the tagging part...that gets me LOL

    Oh yeah I like punk rock too...the dead milkmen, ramones,black flag, sex pistols..I too am guilty of having subwoofers. I had a box with two 10 inchers in it..and a 600 watt amp to push it, then the stupid kid down the street decided to rob my car a couple years ago, and well...I never had the money to replace it, so I hope he is happy. My car just dont sound the same now....sad. I miss it sometimes. Some songs sound so incredible with bass. I really liked Linkin Park with lots of bass...made it better.

  3. Wow, we are like twins girl!lol Even down to being afraid of success and loving Reese's! =0) I wrote you earlier, but I guess I didn't hit the right buttons as it never showed up? But anyway, just wanted you to know that I loved your answers and appreciate the note on my shop and I! =D

  4. Oh Brookings! And slugs on his face?? Yeeeccchhhhh.
    The slime trail is bad enough, but when they're stressed out the stress slime is practically extraterrestrial.

    Yuck. You poor poor mom for having to deal with that mess.


  5. Libby:
    Linkin Park + subwoofers

    Ahhhhhhhhhh :o)
    (thump thump thumpa thump thump thumpity thump...)

  6. But I have to draw the line at screamo. The recently minted teenager in my house likes screamo and I just can't do it.

    Reminds me too much of metal from the 80's which I learned to hate while on a roadtrip through Needles, CA (hottest city in the USA) with no air conditioning in the van. Oh, and I had a headache that day. I get a headache just thinking about it.

    Do you like screamo?

  7. Screamo...oooo, sounds like something that would set my nerves on fire. I dont think i could handle it. I dont do noise very well and I REALLY dont do screaming.

    I had an ex who LOVED this godawful death metal crap. These guys screamed and growled and made horrible noises. I could never make out any words in these songs it just sounded like cows being tortured to me. I was so glad when I left him. The music drove me nuts. Needless to say he lasted about 3 months LOL

    Oh and 80's metal...I liked it in the 80's but again I was like 14 in the late 80's LOL That was a LONG time ago!Tastes in music sure do change, and I am glad for it.


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